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Transfer Student arc is the first arc of the series, beginning at the prologue and ended at Chapter 2.


Centuries ago lived an evil Demon Lord who terrorized the world, until a brave hero came and defeated the demon, saving the world from its malice. Now, several decades later, Blade, a newly arriving transfer student at Rosewood Academy yells in excitement on his first day at the school. Arnest Flaming is the top student of the academy, and was having a normal day until she fatefully encountered Blade at the ladies restroom's door, the King then arriving shortly after to explain that Blade is a transfer student at the academy, and asks Arnest to help him with his everyday life, but Arnest had her doubts.[1][2]

Blade meets Leonard on his second day, but was cut off when Arnest ordered him to go to the training field where she cancels the class in order to test Blade's power. She, along with the rest of the students are bedazzled as they witness Blade destroying a Magical Armor without any notable effort, which infuriated Arnest who storms off to take a shower. There, Blade appears at her window, which she accuses him for peeping on her, despite his pure intentions. He asks her about her sword and Arnest kicks him out before the sword's spirit manifests to her and tells her to kill him, but Arnest refuses to do as it pleases.[3]


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  • Arnest vs. Blade: A brief fight between Arnest and Blade, where Arnest tries to hit the boy but fails to land a hit due to his inhumane speed.
  • Blade vs. Magical Armor: Blade demonstrates his power by cutting down the toughest magical armor with a single slash, destroying a huge portion of the earth and the school's magical barrier, as well as the sword he used to do so.

Story ImpactEdit

  • Blade arrives at Rosewood Academy as its very first transfer student, with the King himself involved in his registration.
  • Arnest is shown possessing a very dangerous weapon which possesses a will of its own.
  • Arnest claims that Blade's power surpasses even her own by several folds, showing how fearsome he may be.


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