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The Demon Lord is a man who wielded a very mysterious and terrifying power that could turn the impossible to possible and ruled over the people. His reign of terror ended when a boy who wielded the same power as him appeared and defeated him.[1]


Even though his character design has not been revealed yet, in old, children's books, the Demon Lord appears to have the body of a young boy, considerably long hair and two horns protruding sideways from his skull that would curve sharply inwards into near right angles . He has two big, dark, asymmetric wings growing out of his back while in his hands, like most demon designs, he has sharp claws instead of nails. During his battle with the Hero, he was wearing a distinctive, long overcoat.[2]


Very little information has been revealed on the Demon Lord thus far. Before an unspecified number of years, he ruled over the people using his immeasurable power, before getting defeated by a Hero with the same power as him. Due to his powers and actions, he was feared by everyone. After he was defeated, the Hero founded the Rosewood Academy to train upcoming heroes in case the Demon Lord ever returned.[3]

Power and AbilitiesEdit

The Demon Lord's power and abilities also remain a secret. However, it was stated that he wielded a very powerful and mysterious ability that could make the impossible possible. Also, the fact that he was the lord of all demons and that no one could evereven dare face him, proves that he was extremely powerful.


  • He's the first demon introduced in the story, technically speaking.


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