Royal Library of Banned Literature

The Royal Library of Banned Literature

The Royal Library of Banned Literature is a secret library built underneath the Royal Palace, rumored to have every piece of knowledge in existence.[1] The King holds its key and it is guarded by several Library Guards.[2][3]


The library is accessible through a staircase seemingly from somewhere within the palace. There is a giant gate just around the corridor which leads to the vast space inside, the library itself.[1]

Inside the library, books are organized in shelves that are built as multi-stories buildings, stacked above each other.[4] There are trees spread around the vast area and seemingly it has it's own sky. It also has rocky terrains and higher lands as well.[5] Somewhere inside, there is a long table with a virtual computer installed to ease the process of finding specific books.[6]

There are six pillars surrounding a certain ritualistic area that could be used to summon demons or release the seal placed upon them.[7]


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