Kanji ローズウッド·アカデミー
Rōmaji Rōzuuddo Akademī
Location N/A
Ranking N/A
Manga debut Chapter 1
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Rosewood Academyローズウッド·アカデミー Rōzuuddo Akademī」 is a long established school where the story's main plot takes place. Its goal is to cultivate and train heroes who shall protect the human race one day.


The school has several buildings. Its architecture is rather classic with tile roofs. The walls are engulfed with protective magical barriers that are tough to break even by a teacher and the school's top student.[1][2]


Rosewood Academy acknowledges very few people with talent and merit. They invite those select few to enroll as heroes-in-training. It is a top-notch school for the elite and Arnest Flaming is the current top student.

Apparently, one could transfer to the academy by taking several tests as seen with the case of Blade. However, in Blade's case, King was involved as well which could count as a contributing factor to his success in enrollment.[3]


The school has special uniforms for the students, which almost all students wear while attending the academy. There are two uniforms, one for the females, and one for the males.

The female's uniform consists of a white vest, covering its neck section and shoulders, and extending to the rest of the arm is an outer stitched jacket with purple finishing, a brown belt at the waist and a pink skirt, with dark purple stockings.

The male's uniforms consist of a similarly white vest, covered by a black outer stitched jacket with gold finishing and a hoodie, a burgundy casual tie and a brown belt at the waist, with black trousers and black boots.

Board and StaffEdit

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The staff of Rosewood Academy are officials working for the school, from teachers to doctors and so on. Currently known assigned staff of the academy are:

  • King: President of the Academy
  • Joi: The doctor of the Academy.
  • Several unnamed professors: Responsible for teaching the curriculum to the students.


Rosewood Academy students are renowned around the country, as the academy's prestigious reputation is highly reckoned throughout the country. Below is a list of known students in the academy.

Top GradeEdit

Low GradeEdit


  • Despite the uniform of the school seemingly being absolute, Sophitia does not wear the school uniform and instead wears her own special clothing.
  • Rosewood is a fragrant close-grained tropical timber with a distinctive fragrance, used particularly for making furniture and musical instruments.


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