Library Guards

Library Guards are the guards of the Royal Library of Banned Literature underneath the Royal Palace.[1]


The guards' outer appearance greatly resembles the shapes of mythical demons. One having the torso and head of a horse and the other having a bull-like appearance while their lower parts are human-like.[1]


Asmodeus ArcEdit

The guards first appear as the very initial obstacle of the library, facing Blade and saying that they will not allow him to pass and calling him "Hero Blade".[1] Blade, in a demonstration of his great speed, travels behind them and tells them that he is "Former Hero Blade".[2]

Blade later reveals that he has defeated the guards.[3]

Power and AbilitiesEdit

Nothing much is known about the guards' powers; however, Blade being able to defeat them easily could indicate that they're possibly capable of stopping normal or average intruders and heroes-in-training.[3]


  • Though they greatly resemble demons, they aren't confirmed as such yet.
  • They seem to know Blade's identity as the "hero".[2]


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