Young Arnest

The Eldest Daughter of The House of Flaming.

The House of Flaming家のフレイミング Ie no Fureimingu」 is one of the elite families in the series, recognized by the Royal Palace and the King himself, whose members' duty is to be and stay at the top of Rosewood Academy. The current top student in the Academy is the eldest daughter of the House of Flaming, Arnest Flaming[1] and the next head of the house.


The house was established a long time ago, with the first head of the Flaming's being also the first wielder of the cursed sword Asmodeus. It was mentioned that the House of Flaming has had a good relationship with the Royal Palace and the Royal Family for a long time, and at some point, the General of Flaming helped the current King out, even telling him about his young daughter, which could indicate to the two's friendship. The house is also known for producing generations of top ranking students within Rosewood Academy, Arnest being the latest addition to the lineup.

Several years prior, the General of Flaming has sealed the demon sword Asmodeus away, knowing that it will have to be passed down to his daughter someday. However, a curious Arnest curiously went to investigate the mystery, and is caught by the sword's curse, changing her hair color to vermilion and consuming her, causing her to go on a rampage and killing several members of the house. After the massacre, Arnest fell unconscious and was quickly rushed to bed.


Very little is known about the current members of the House of Flaming and its predecessors. The only known members are:

Arnest FlamingEdit

Main Article: Arnest Flaming

The eldest daughter and the next head of the House of Flaming. Just like her ancestors, she became the owner of the Cursed Sword, Asmodeus. At the age of 6, she was cursed by it and her hair turned from black to vermilion.[2] She is currently the top student of Rosewood Academy.[1]

General of FlamingEdit

Arnest's father whose name still remains unknown. In the past, he was of great help to the King.[3] Because he didn't want to burden his daughter with the duty of keeping Asmodeus, he sealed the sword away.[2]

Arnest's MotherEdit

Like General Flaming, Arnest's Mother's identity has yet to be revealed. She occasionally sends her daughter letters using their owl.[4]

The First HeadEdit

The only thing that is known about them is that they are the only head of the family beside Arnest to have their hair turned vermilion when they were cursed by the demon sword.[5][6]


  • The House's name might be a play on the Fleming family's name.


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