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• 11/19/2015

Who is Blade?

There are a lot of speculations and opinions regarding Blade's true identity, and I'm pretty sure everyone has come across those speculations or just heard of them somewhere right?

So let's bring the discussion here. Who is Blade? He seems like your everyday goof but behind that ignorant facade lies a mysterious demeanor, which Blade refuses to reveal no matter what hmph.

I personally think that Blade is not related to the hero from the legend nor the demon king from the legend, he's probably some far descendant of either of them and just happens to have a shit ton of POWER!!!!

So what do YOU think? Who is Blade in your point of view?

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• 4/27/2016

For all we know, he could have sealed the Demon Lord inside of his body; causing his "weakness". In truth i think its more of an incapability to control his powers. He slashed down the armor and created a new entrance to the stadium. Also we havent met any of his former party yet.

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